The Inherent Risk Fallacy

“The concept of “inherent risk” is impossible to measure or even define. The idea of looking at risk absent of all hard controls, soft controls or mitigations provides little or no useful information in most cases.” Todd Perkins Lately I have seen a resurgence in the use of the term “inherent risk” and it has annoyed […]

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Demystifying Risk Management

Transcript: A lot of organisations seem to think that they need to get experts in from outside or that they need people trained and University educated to understand risk management within their organisation. But this is not the case; the reality is that risk management is simple. I’m going to talk about how we can […]

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What makes a good Risk Manager?

What are the attributes of a good risk manager? Rod talks about how stakeholder management, engagement and relationship management can be the most important elements. Transcript: What are the attributes of a good risk manager? Now, one would think that the most important attribute that they would have is to understand risk management. Well, yes […]

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