Since its foundation, Paladin Risk Management Services has provided a wide range of risk management services to a growing list of diverse clients, including:

  • Department of Defence
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Department of Environment and Water Resources
  • Department of Transport and Regional Services
  • Department of the Senate
  • Queanbeyan City Council
  • National Health and Medical Research Council
  • Havelock Housing Association
  • Reed Construction
  • Risk Management Institution of Australasia
  • Nova Defence
  • Point Trading
  • Mont Adventure Equipment
  • Department of Families and Communities — South Australia
  • Contentgroup
  • National Health Call Centre Network
  • Analytics Group

Due to its specialist knowledge, Paladin Risk Management Services was also selected for the Risk Management Panel for the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), the Northern Territory Government and the Department of Defence.

Our range of diverse clients has enabled Paladin Risk Management Services to become familiar with risk management in a wide variety of industries. We are happy to explore new industries, having a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from. We are prepared and capable of tackling any challenge and relish the opportunity to demonstrate to clients the significant benefits that recognising and managing risks can make.

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