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Distance Education

Distance Education

New in 2014

The Diploma of Risk Management and Business Continuity via distance education

Gain a qualification and an industry certification undertaking a course fully accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and endorsed by the Risk Management Institution of Australasia.

As a Risk Management Professional do you need to become certified?

Are you limited in taking time away from the office to do training?

Do you prefer independent learning?

Paladin Risk Management Services has taken an innovative approach to learning by offering a distance education option for the Diploma of Risk Management and Business Continuity.

This comprehensive course enables you to become accredited through the provision of education materials including an education kit and an accompanying chapterised DVD.

Below is an excerpt of the first five minutes of the Chapter on Integrating Risk Management into Strategic and Business Planning from the distance education Diploma of Risk Management.

The Diploma Course is the only broad based risk management diploma in the country; it is aimed at risk management and business continuity professionals or those aspiring to fully develop their risk management skills.

The Diploma of Risk Management and Business Continuity is made up of nine core units:

  • Undertake Enterprise Risk Management
  • Manage Risk
  • Coordinate Risk Management
  • Manage Procurement Risk
  • Conduct Fraud Risk Assessments
  • Develop Fraud Control Plans
  • Manage Project Risk
  • Apply Principles of OHS Risk Management
  • Manage Hazards in the Workplace
  • Develop and maintain business continuity plans

This distance education offering provides more accessible learning options for our remote audience.

For more information please contact rod@paladinrisk.com.au

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