Is the Shark Culling Program in Western Australia Creating a Liability Risk for the Government?

Shark Cull in Perth

The news is awash at the moment with the shark culling program in Western Australia (Perth Now).

The question it has raised in my mind, however, is whether the West Australian Government has, in fact, created a liability risk by implementing the program.

I am not saying that they have – but it is something worth considering.

So what is the purpose of the program? Is it to reduce the number of dangerous sharks on Perth beaches, or is it to rid the beaches of sharks altogether?  Whatever its purpose, people may perceive that the beaches are safer by virtue of the program.  So what happens if someone is attacked by a shark at a Perth beach in the near future while the program is in place?  Could someone argue that they would not have gone into the water had it not been for the security afforded by the shark culling program?

Obviously the intentions of the Government are admirable, even if there is not universal acceptance and support, however, are they creating a false sense of security that may be challenged in the future?

Perhaps it is worth some thought, particularly considering the litigious society in which we live where people are always looking for someone to blame.  Has the West Australian Government just provided that to the next shark attack victim? Let’s hope we don’t have to find out too soon.

Image: Nine News Perth

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