The next e-book from Paladin Risk Management

Well, hello. What I wanted to talk about in this session is the e-book that has just been released and that has been downloaded many times right across the world and I’m really humbled by the response that I’ve got.

So what I’m going to talk about here today is what is coming in the next the e-book, which will come out early next year. So some of the topics that I’m going to address in that, are a lot around consequence, like consequence base risk identification, consequence based risk reporting, consequence based auditing.

I’m also going to talk about this one little question, which is the key to all governance? I’m not going to talk about the question now, cause I’ll leave it to the e-book. One of the other things I’m going to talk about is ask the question, so you are doing risk management, but are you managing risk?

And I’ve talked in a blog before about between the difference of doing risk management and managing risk so I’ll expand on that and I’m also going to talk about downstream risk and the outsourcing of business continuity functions so they’re just some of the topics they’ll be I’ll put a few of my comic strips of Riskman in there and few more of the risk tips that that I know were popular in the first one.

So very exciting, thank you to all of you who have downloaded the e-book if you haven’t please do, it’s free as will the next one be and I look forward to hearing your response to that.

As always let’s be careful out there.

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