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Evening, I disagree with the idea safety need to own the control, having worked in heavy industry for many years, the process and equipment owner should own the controls. If I was drilling the tap hole in the blast furnace I could expect safety to review and audit my safe operation of the drill including the pre tapping preparation of the equipment, manual handling,safety control implementation such as isolation of air and hydraulics, manual handling aspects etc. My foreman would observe this as well as the actual drill out as he is the SME not the safety team, safety has their place as a stakeholder in the process but should not own it.

On the other hand I have seen safety own controls and witnessed the operation become so embuggered with “Safety controls” to mitigate the most trivial of risks, impacting on costs, resourcing and delivery of product to the detriment of the business. That safety guy was not around for very long.

Where inconsistencies in procedures exist there will always be issues, we know it affects training, safety, operation and life span of equipment and maintenance of standard operating procedures. i witnessed an aircraft get grounded for this reason in 2008. I wont mention the airline but the cost was enormous, overtime to redo the maintenance work, replacement aircraft and crew to meet schedule, missed take off slot and stranded passengers, seriously messed up.

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