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Hi there Candice
I have not yet done this course but am enrolled for March. I have however had a vast amount of experience in the risk industry, around 10 years or so. I became involved when it was just a buzz word.
Risk I have found is not something that many people understand. They know that it can be a problem, but they dont really understand what underpins this.
Senior management will often see risk as a money pit and this I have learnt is because many people and industries have made it a complicated process with little understanding behind that complicated process.
If you want management support you should try to make the risk / hazard scenario related to your organisation and then explain how their roles are involved in that process. Ensure that controls are effective but business friendly and if a control is not implemented make notes as to why. Not every risk/hazard will have an organisation implement controls, as long as you can show it has been considered and rejected and the reasons for rejection this type of approach will also help.
I have generally found that if you can provide a clear and concise approach to the management of risk along with how they or their roles are involved and assure that controls will be effective but business friendly, it takes time but they will come along. The problem is that they really don’t understand and that is your job to help them. Hope this helps, if not sorry

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