RMIA CEO Geoff Crittendon discusses the bright future of risk management

At the RMIA 2014 National Conference, we had the opportunity to speak with the CEO of RMIA, Geoff Crittendon.

When Geoff went into the organisation at the end of May this year it wasn’t in the best of shape, there were many fundamental issues that needed to be overcome in order the build-up the RMIA into a professional institution that meets the modern day requirements and growth or the risk management profession.

The future for RMIA and the industry as a whole is bright, Geoff is convinced that the industry is about to experience a large growth spurt, entering a window of opportunity to fundamentally shape the way the profession develops.

300 delegates participated in this year’s conference, a testament to the program and the advancement of the risk management field. The tremendous atmosphere of positivity at the conference is working towards building a younger more vibrant culture within the RMIA.

Risk management certification is in demand with many people and organisations realising just how crucial risk management qualifications are in getting into the industry and essential to effective risk management procedures.

The 2015 RMIA National conference will be held in Adelaide.

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