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Risk Management Consulting Services

“There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.”

John. F. Kennedy

Success cannot come through caution it requires organisations to take calculated risks. However, for every business, organisation, team or individual that looks for success, they must be able to effectively identify and manage the risks in their environment to ensure organisational resilience and sustainability.

Risk management forecasts what issues may arise to allow organisations to prevent them where possible, and to prepare for them when they unexpectedly appear. 

Not only that – Risk management is at the heart of good governance

To achieve success, check out the suite of services Paladin Risk Management Services offers its clients including:

Assessment of current risk management capabilities

One of the fundamental characteristics of an effective risk management framework within any organisation is the ability to assess the current risk management capabilities within the organisation. Without such an analysis, it is extremely difficult for an organisation to implement continuous improvement strategies into its risk management framework. Organisations that have undertaken this assessment have realised significant benefits and have been able to improve risk management performance in a relatively short period of time.”

Paladin Risk Management Services has developed a proprietary evidence-based semi-quantitative Enterprise Risk Maturity Assessment Methodology that provides your organisation with the capability to scan and gain an understanding of your current capabilities which, in turn, provides your company with the ability to develop targeted strategies to increase the effectiveness of the risk management program.

The outputs of the assessment (which are then incorporated into a detailed report for the organisation), are shown below:

Further detail on the methodology can be found here: brochure

Development and implementation of risk management policies, frameworks and documentation

Paladin Risk Management Services has extensive experience in the development of tailored Risk Management Frameworks for a range of government, industry and not-for-profit organisations.

Prior to developing and implementing a Risk Management Framework, Paladin Risk Management Services spends time analysing your organisation before working closely with your key stakeholders to develop a Framework that is not only compliant with AS/NZS ISO 31000, but is also aligned to its management practices and culture.

Each organisation is unique and will have differing objectives, outcomes and cultures. To that end, a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the development and implementation of a Risk Management Framework will result in a less than optimal risk management program. Your organisation can be confident that a Risk Management Framework developed and implemented by Paladin Risk Management Services will improve your organisation’s outcomes – we guarantee it!”

The key issue that faces organisations, however, isn’t the development of the documentation, it is the implementation of the framework into the day-to-day operations.  Documentation may mean you are compliant with whatever piece of Legislation or regulation you need to abide by but that is not sufficient.

Paladin can move you from doing risk management to managing risks.

Conduct independent risk assessments/reviews of specific projects/programs

In conducting risk assessments within organisations, Paladin Risk Management Services ensures first that the context is well established. This is done by ensuring that all objectives for the program/activity have been documented and appropriate risk criteria (likelihood, consequence and risk matrix) have been developed.

Paladin Risk Management Services has significant experience in undertaking risk assessments across a diverse range of programs. Risk assessments have been conducted in relation to the delivery of major projects; the risks associated with the administration of legislation and the security risks at a major Government Department – just to name a few.

“Delivering a program, event or activity comes with deadlines, often with complicated stakeholder engagement, compliance issues (from safety and environmental to financial and governance) and the pressure to tick all boxes without any glitches. That’s where an independent risk assessment or review of your project can be the difference between delivering a substandard, poorly executive project or activity compared to a high quality, flawless project or activity”

Facilitation of strategic risk workshops to align to strategic plan

One of the key requirements for the development of an organisation’s strategic plan is to ensure that the risks to the achievement of the strategic objectives are identified and, where appropriate, strategies are developed to mitigate those risks.

Paladin Risk Management Services has extensive experience to help your organisation identify the risks that could affect what you want to achieve strategically and has worked extensively with senior management to ensure they are fully aware of the potential consequences in relation to the introduction of the chosen strategies.

“It is of little consequence that an organisation has identified a range of business objectives to move forward if the risks to achieving these objectives have not also been acknowledged.”

Training/workshops to staff at all levels

In developing risk management training, Paladin Risk Management Services will first assess the specific roles at each level of your organisation and training will be structured accordingly.

We’re experienced at tailoring the training for your specific needs because a ‘one size fits all’ approach to risk management training is ineffective and does not add value to the risk management program.

“Paladin Risk Management Services was the company chosen to develop the Fundamentals of Managing Risk course for the Risk Management Institution of Australasia. Tailored accredited and non-accredited training has been provided to Government Departments and Agencies, businesses and the not-for profit sector.

Contact us if you would like to discuss a tailored training packge for your organisation.

Incident post-event analysis

“We learn from history that we learn nothing from history.” George Bernard Shaw

One of the key inputs to the risk management process within an organisation is the analysis of events that occur. It is, therefore, important to understand that no organisation can avoid all incidents/events, however, if there is no analysis conducted after the event, the organisation runs the very real risk that the event could occur again.

Paladin Risk Management Services has developed a Post Event Analysis methodology that will work for your organisation

“Put your organisation in a far more advantageous position and reduce the likelihood of the event occurring again in the future by understanding where the failures in the current environment occurred.”

Provide advice on managing disruption related risks through business continuity

Paladin Risk Management Services will provide advice on managing the disruption related risks to your organisation through the development of detailed Business Continuity strategies.

This is not the traditional approach to business continuity as it focuses on the disruption to the function – not the source of the disruption.  Many clients have benefited from this unique approach.

In addition, Paladin Risk Management Services can develop a training program (once again aimed at the different levels of the organisation depending on their involvement in the program) and can also develop testing methodologies and programs to ensure that the plans developed will be effective in the case of a real emergency, which can often disrupt your business.