High Risk Adventures – A Risk Management Approach

At this year’s RMIA National Conference in Brisbane we got to catch up with Dr Richard Agnew about how his risk management experience helps him prepare for his hobby of mountain climbing.

Richard has been a risk manager for over 30 years, so what you wouldn’t expect is his passion for high risk activities. As an ex RAAF fast jet pilot Richard has a passion for an adrenaline rush, with hobbies including high altitude flying and alpine mountain climbing.

After tackling Mt Everest recently, his next venture is the highest mountain in the Antarctic, Mt Vincent.

So how do you balance the risk verses the passion in these high risk environments?

Richard explains that you follow the same classic risk management cycle as you would for every other situation;

  • Do your assessment
  • Consider the context
  • Plan ahead
  • Review the situation
  • Talk to relevant people
  • Manage the expectations
  • Accept the risk or try to mitigate it

Remember a lot of it comes down to planning. Be prepared and do your research, it’s never too early to start planning ahead.

Rick Agnew Hill Climbing Rick Flying Rick Flying
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