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Risk is not a 4 letter word e-book

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Risk management maturity assessment

Risk management maturity assessment

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Get the maturity of your risk management program assessed by Paladin Risk Management Services.

The Paladin Risk Management Services’ Risk Assessment Methodology provides the capability to not only compare an organisation’s current risk management capabilities against those considered ‘best practice’ but also to track improvement in their risk management capabilities over time. The methodology is comprehensive and repeatable and ensures the organisation’s risk management efforts are getting the maximum return on investment.

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Revolution des risques E-book

Revolution des risques E-book

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Embedding risk management holistically into your organisation is about creating a progressive organisation.

An organisation can’t grow without taking risks and it cannot innovate without taking risks.

In my latest E-book ‘Revolution des risques’ I challenge the ‘traditional’ approach to managing risk plus, I help you to identify risk, evaluate it, treat it and effectively review it.

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This free E-book dives into risk management, exploring the issues and concepts involved in effectively managing risks in an accessible and comprehensive manner applicable to organisations of all shapes and sizes.