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2015 Risk Student of the Year – killing two birds with one stone

2015 Risk Student of the Year – killing two birds with one stone

South 32, a company born out of BHP in May 2015, is currently implementing a risk management framework developed by a Paladin Risk Management Services graduate.

It was this framework, developed by Emma Johnson, that also saw her become the Risk Management Institute of Australasia’s Risk Student of the Year, 2015.

Emma said she was pleased she could effectively kill two birds with one stone.

By submitting the assessments, Emma met the requirements for the award of the Advanced Diploma and, in addition, these assessment pieces could be used and introduced into the new company.  It was these ‘real world’ documents that were submitted to the Risk Student of the Year judges.

Jeff Jones, a member of the judging panel stated that Emma was a stand-out winner.

“Emma’s submission was truly exceptional; in all facets including structure, content and holistic demonstration of understanding and forward carriage of her ERM capability and pursuits,” Jeff said.

Emma said the Paladin Risk Management course was amazing and she’s using every aspect of it in her current role.

“The tax risk framework I developed is helping the company to set its risk appetite and everything I learnt in that course went towards shaping that framework to guide the Board on its tolerance for risk,” Emma said.

“The Paladin Risk Management Services course was an excellent learning tool as it enabled me to work out what the Board needed to see,” she said.

“Often we make the mistake of giving executives a lot of information because we want them to be assured that we understand and have identified risk but this course made me realise the Board needs the nuts and bolts – the information that’s going to keep them awake at night,” she said.

Paladin Risk Management Services Director, Rod Farrar said he was not surprised by Emma’s new status as the RMIA Risk Student of the Year because the standard of her work was the best he has seen.

“Reading Emma’s assessments I felt hugely satisfied as she had obviously taken a lot from the course and assimilated it into documents of an amazing standard,” Rod said.

“Even though Emma’s background is in risk management her submissions for the less familiar areas of Compliance and Organisational Governance were outstanding,” he said.

Emma is looking forward to developing further her risk work and is convinced the qualification and her RMIA award will open more doors for her career in the future.

“But what was also an added bonus with the Paladin Risk Management Services course was the networking with other professionals who are in the same boat and to this day we continue to stay in touch and bounce off ideas with each other and with Rod’s continued support we’re nailing risk management with ease,” Emma said.

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Written by Rod Farrar

Rod is an accomplished risk consultant with extensive experience in the delivery of professional consultancy services to government, corporate and not-for-profit sectors. Rod takes every opportunity available to ensure his risk management knowledge remains at the ‘cutting edge’ of the discipline. Rod’s Risk Management expertise is highly sought after as is the insight he provides in his risk management training and workshop facilitation. Rod was recognised by the Risk Management Institution of Australia as the 2016 Risk Consultant of the Year and one of the first five Certified Chief Risk Officers in Australasia.