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2015 Risk Student of the Year – killing two birds with one stone

South 32, a company born out of BHP in May 2015, is currently implementing a risk management framework developed by a Paladin Risk Management Services graduate. It was this framework, developed by Emma Johnson, that also saw her become the Risk Management Institute of Australasia’s Risk Student of the Year, 2015. Emma said she was pleased she could effectively kill

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Effectiveness of current controls in Risk Management

Welcome! In this session, what I am going to talk about and expand on, is something I have talked about before which is the effectiveness of current controls. As I said in a previous blog, the effectiveness of your current controls that you have in place in your organisation is going to determine how likely a particular event is likely

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Learn from mistakes of other organisations

Well hello, and welcome to this session. What I’ve spoken about in the past is lessons learnt and post event analysis. When an incident occurs in our organisation we ask what happened, why did it occur, could we have done anything to prevent it from happening and lastly, is there anything we can do to stop it happening in the

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Business Continuity and Critical Business Activities

Hello again, in this session I’m going to talk about business continuity management and in particular how do we actually identify whether something that we do in our organisation is a critical business activity. Now business continuity management is all about making sure that in a time of disaster or after a time of disaster we are able to continue

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