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Zero harm is not achievable

“Do I believe in the concept of Zero Harm? Let’s just say I believe that nothing is impossible” – Dave Collins “What a strange sense of logic to fixate on the absence of something (injury) as a demonstration of the presence of something else (safety). Such a proposition misunderstands the dynamic of risk and being […]

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Analysing Strategic Risks

I have previously written on the difference between strategic and operational risks. In that blog I highlighted the difference between the two as shown in the diagram below: I have been thinking recently whether, based on the difference between the two types of risk, we might also need a different approach to the analysis of […]

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Is this the un-mitigatable risk?

I, like many other strawberry lovers in Australia, was horrified when the first case of a needle found in a strawberry was reported in mid-September.  It was quickly followed by another and then another.  Early on, it seemed isolated to one farm and one type of fruit, with speculation of involvement by a disgruntled employee […]

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Do we need a risk matrix?

Lately I have been thinking (dangerous I know); is the risk matrix truly useful to communicate the level of risk?  For example, does a High Risk actually mean the risk is high? When we look at the psychology of risk, you can understand management being on tenterhooks when told there is a ‘High Risk here’ […]

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Changes Coming to Paladin in 2019

2018 has been another very very busy year at Paladin.  Courses in every capital city as well as Broken Hill, Mount Isa and some consultancy in South Korea has left me wondering where the year has gone. For many reasons, 2019 is ushering in a new chapter for Paladin Risk Management Services. Number of Courses […]

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Who let the dogs out

Here we go again. On 4th September the Daily Telegraph reveals another ‘Mad Monday’ showing Canterbury Bulldogs players in various states of disrepair and some of them in various states of undress.  That this occurred is bad enough – that it occurred in a public location was nothing short of disgraceful. The definition of insanity […]

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