Risk Management Tools – Control Summary and Assessment Pro-forma

The give-aways just keep coming with Paladin Risk Management. In September I gave you the risk register. It’s great for managing risks and I encourage you to download that tool if you haven’t already.

Keeping to my promises, as per my risk register blog here’s my Control Summary and Assessment Pro forma that I use to provide an overview of every control within an organisation, whether they be controls linked to causes or controls linked to consequences.  The pro forma also provides the ability to undertake an assessment of the effectiveness of the control.

I’m going to unpack it below so that you can build it your way for your brand, knowing the categories and information that you need for each column, or you can download your very own ready-made Paladin Risk Management Control Summary and Assessment Pro forma.

So, there you have it – my pro-forma to capture the overview of each of the controls within the organisation. Feel free to amend to suit your organisation and also to provide suggestions for ways the form might be improved.

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