Coronavirus is not the risk – but – it has increased the likelihood of risks that already existed in your organisation

I have been observing, particularly over the last week, a constant flow of articles on how organisations should prepare for a Coronavirus outbreak that impacts staff. There has been a lot of talk of Pandemic Plans and working remotely from home, with some organisations considering taking the drastic step of closing down entire operations.  The […]

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Optus’ Own Goal

“As crazy as this sounds, I don’t believe they realised how big the FIFA World Cup demand would be.” Technology commentator Trevor Long In 2015, Optus won the exclusive rights to broadcast the English Premier League through its streaming service.  This was a shock to both Fox Sports and BeIn Sports who had put in […]

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Shareholders before customers – nothing can go wrong

During the Banking Royal Commission, we have heard evidence of appalling behaviour by Australia’s major banks and financial planners from the past decade, including alleged bribery, forged documents, repeated failure to verify customers’ living expenses before lending them money, and selling insurance to people who can’t afford it. In one example, ANZ admitted at the royal commission that […]

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