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Paladin Risk Management Distance Education Course

Well, welcome to this session and in this session, I’m going to talk about, well, something that’s very exciting for Paladin Risk Management Services. Now some of you might remember a guy called Big Kev and Big Kev used to go on television and say “I’m excited”. Well, I’m excited too because we have just […]

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Stakeholders in Risk Management

Welcome, in this session I want to build on what I’ve talked about before around communication in the risk management process. I want to talk specifically about stakeholder management and not only the stakeholder management through the process as we’ve talked a little bit about or communication throughout the process but also communication as a […]

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The Dancing Shiva – a Lesson in Risk Management

      On 25 March 2014, the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) removed from display the Dancing Shiva statue after they were informed by the Attorney General’s Department that an official request for return had been received from the Indian Government. This ended an extraordinary few months of uncertainty and turmoil around the Dancing […]

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Blame Culture in Organisations

In this session I want to talk a little bit about a blame culture. Now, you might have been in an organisation where their organisation itself is very, very quick to blame an individual or a group when something happens or something goes wrong. This particular way of dealing with an incident, is actually very […]

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Funding Risk Management

Transcript: Hello and welcome once again. One of the challenges that many organisations have in relation to risk management is the funding and the budgeting of risk management. We have a whole range of elements of the risk management framework within the organisation that require funding.  Things like: –          Allocating finances for treatment strategies; –          […]

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