# notthatCorona

In 2019 I wrote a blog titled #notthatPaladin in response to the connection that had been made between my company and the Paladin involved in the provision of detention services on Manus Island. I thought I had it bad but spare a thought for poor old Corona beer. As reported in Business Insider Australia, the […]

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Changing the Audit Paradigm

Moving from Risk Based Internal Auditing to Consequence Based Internal Auditing I have written extensively on my approach to determining likelihood, as a function of control effectiveness rather than determining likelihood based on time, frequency and/or probability. What’s important to note though, is that using this latter approach means that we also have to shift […]

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Big big big news for Paladin

Paladin is now an RTO After many years of working through an Auspice agreement with McMillan Staff Development, Paladin Risk Management Services is now a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in its own right.  Paladin now owns the Professional Security & Risk Institute [RTO Code 45173] (although the name will be changing). I would like to […]

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