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Types of Risk

Welcome to this next session. What I want to talk about in this session is the fundamental parts of risk and risk management and the different types of risk. And you hear it all the time, we’ve got strategic risk, operational risk, security risk, safety risk, project risk, to think that those things are different […]

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What is a risk?

Hello again and welcome to this session. Today I’m going to discuss one of the most fundamental parts of risk management; “what is a risk?” As you can imagine, over time in the risk management game, I have reviewed so many risk registers. What I tend to find is that there is confusion out there […]

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New: The Diploma of Risk Management and Business Continuity via distance education

New in 2014 The Diploma of Risk Management and Business Continuity via distance education Gain a qualification and an industry certification undertaking a course fully accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and endorsed by the Risk Management Institution of Australasia. As a Risk Management Professional do you need to become certified? Are you […]

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Naming a Risk

Transcript: In this session what I want to talk about, is how we actually name a risk. And, it’s really interesting because many of the organisations I go into, when I look at their risk registers, what I find is a whole lot of causes in particular but some consequences as well that are being […]

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Ownership in Risk Management

Transcript: Hello again. In this session, what I want to do about is something that people often ask me, risk ownership or more correctly, the different elements of ownership across the organisation as it relates to risk. There are three distinctive types of ownership within the risk management program or within the risk management process […]

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